Restructuring of Magazzino 23 in the Old Port of Trieste

This project, managed by Sinergo and Stradivarie Architetti Associati, aimed to renovate Magazzino 23, located within the Triste Adriaterminal, in the Old Port of Trieste. The building became part of the new international space for underwater robotics, established here by Saipem. Within this port area, Saipem tests the equipment (robots and drones) that it uses to carry out the most technologically advanced underwater work and has also established an academy where engineers and technicians specialising in this field are trained. As well as offices used by the company Sonsub (controlled by Saipem) the building also hosts the space used to house the remote-controlled carrier machine. The only example of its kind in the world, this apparatus carries a stopper that is capable of closing off an underwater petroleum source that has ruptured the safety valves present, thus preventing gas and petroleum from leaking into the open sea.