Plan for the BHS baggage transport system for the southern area of Marco Polo Airport

This project entailed the creation of a transitory BHS system, to be used by 29 check-in desks located in the southern area of the Venetian airport. The project aimed to allow the transportation of baggage originating at the check-in desks directly to the air-side zone, within an area dedicated to the loading of carriages. The BHS system is divided into 3 structural bodies: 1. the BHS unit – constructed adjacent to the 39 check-in desks, with a floor area of 57m x 12m and a height of 6.4m, and containing the X-ray machines used to check baggage; 2. an overhead tunnel – to transport baggage from the BHS unit to the runway via the customs checkpoint. This features an internal section of 4.9m x 2m and has a length of approximately 50m; 3. the baggage conveyor belt system – the unit that mounts outgoing baggage, with planimetric dimensions of 40m x 25m. This contains two baggage conveyor belts – namely, circuits onto which baggage is loaded for transportation to the aircraft – each with a length of 66m and 84m. The installations consist of a steel load-bearing structure, clad in sandwich panels and micro-perforated metal sheets. As well as the architectural and structural plan, Sinergo also managed the planning of the BHS system itself and the provision of SD3 X-ray machines.