New pedestrian spaces along the Marzenego river

This redevelopment project focused on Via Poerio, in the historic centre of Mestre, following the reopening of a branch of the river Marzenego. During the fifties, in the area addressed by the project, the river was covered to create a road that was opened to traffic. In view of the progressive decline of the structures bearing the road deck, the immediate vicinity of Piazza Ferretto and the M9 museum space designed by the architects Sauerbruch and Hutton, local authorities decided to uncover the stretch of river and restore the riverbanks that once overlooked it. The project therefore entailed the creation of a series of pedestrian spaces within the vicinity of the Marzenego, which was uncovered for a stretch of approximately 200m just before Mestre cathedral. The architectural plan drafted by Sinergo on behalf of the Municipality of Venice focused on solutions relating to the bank walls, the bridges that cross the river, the new pavements along the banks, as well as urban enhancement and green spaces within the area.

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Here you can find the publication prepared by Sinergo Spa.