Adaptation of the Romea highway between Chioggia and Mestre

This project by Sinergo developed a proposal for the adaptation and safety optimisation of the Venetian section of the Romea highway that links Mestre and Chioggia, just before the Venetian lagoon. It focused on a stretch of 37km out of a total of 70km within the Venetian region; 27km of the stretch to be adapted was located along the edge of the lagoon. The principle at the heart of the proposal was to adapt the existing road between Chioggia and Mestre as an alternative to the planned route of the so-called Romea Commerciale highway, further to the west, as part of the Orte Mestre E45-E55 highway corridor. This principle was informed by the following factors: a. adaptation would involve the use of less land compared to the new highway section – to the extent that it would translate only into the enlargement of the existing section of the Romea highway from 2 to 4 lanes; b. the widening of the current section would guarantee immediate and safe access to the local road system linking the districts of Codevigo, Piove di Sacco, Campolongo Maggiore, Campagna Lupia, Camponogara and Dolo. The planned route of the new Romea Commerciale, on the other hand, would bypass the lands that it crossed, without offering any real advantages in terms of accessibility to the road for local residents; c. unlike the road axis of the Romea highway, the newly proposed junctions would allow for the decentralisation of public transport stops, approaching the urban centres and eliminating the risks associated with transport pausing on the edge of the highway; d. the placement of the road would allow for the rectification of the division between the areas to the east and west of the existing road, through the creation of cycling and pedestrian paths that cross the road safely. The doubling of the carriageway – From the point of view of the route, the proposal entailed the doubling of the carriageway and the creation of a two-lane road axis in both directions, in line with the category of Class B Main Non-Urban Road. This proposal for the doubling of the carriageway was developed with two different widening options: the first (WESTERN option) entailed the creation of a new double lane, to the west of the Canale Novissimo, while the second (EASTERN option) involved the widening of the existing road towards the lagoon. Download the general report for the project