The Castello di Godego school and the new civic space

This project formed part of a programme of reorganisation works focusing on the historic centre of Castello di Godego, promoted by the local authorities to improve educational facilities and the spaces available to the community. The selection of the focal area was informed by the ministerial instruction to unify the primary and secondary educational stages into a single top-class institution. Indeed, many functions had already been shared between the primary and secondary schools for some time. The selection was also influenced by the state of preservation of the primary school that currently exists in Piazza IX Febbraio. Studies carried out by Sinergo on the structure revealed shortcomings in terms of the building’s capacity to withstand earthquakes, rendering the construction of a new school urgent. Therefore, beginning with a preliminary plan that was approved in March 2016, the municipality initiated the activities that were required to create an integrated space. The overarching programme was subdivided into a series of functional stages, the first of which was represented by this project. This entailed the construction of a two-storey elementary school, adjacent to the existing Renier middle school, within which 16 classrooms were created. The educational spaces – classrooms, a library, a hall for assemblies, management offices, and an IT room – are arranged in an S-shaped layout. Particular attention was given to the definition of the relationship between the building and the open spaces of the site. The southern and eastern façades feature high steel porticoes, creating spaces for play that are sheltered from both the sun and the rain. A double-height glass atrium brings the school’s entrance into visual and spatial contact with the surrounding town. Within the structure, a large spiral stairway in reinforced concrete was constructed, which constitutes the main link between the two floors of the school.