Redevelopment of a building on Corso Porta Vittoria, Milan

The building at the centre of this project is located in Milan, at number 16 Corso di Porta Vittoria, and is known as Palazzo Stampa di Soncino Borgazzi. Dating back to the seventeenth century, it is protected as an historic building, representing the last remnant of the historic quarter between the Santa Prassede monastery and the San Filippo Neri oratory. Acquired by the Benetton group in 1986, the building was the subject of a long and laborious restoration project, overseen by architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa and completed in May 1993. In 2017, Sinergo Spa was tasked with adapting the systems of a section of the offices, developing a project that would strike a balance between the flexibility of the building’s spaces and maximum harmonisation of the building’s architecture with its systems. Under normal circumstances, such a project would entail the straightforward removal and replacement of the building’s systems. In the case in question, however, this solution was not feasible, as the various element of the project had to be carried out in stages, keeping the building’s systems active and allowing the offices to remain operational. BIM technology was used during the planning stage to create a timeline for the various activities that the project entailed: this technology was used to model the whole building and then the system design. The aim of this was to minimise disturbance and inconvenience, accurately assessing any necessary demolitions that would affect the passages that host the building’s systems. The modelling of the whole system for the individual phases of the project also allowed us to establish which spaces would be without air conditioning (and for how long) during the works, enabling us to respect the requests of the client.