Tourist cycle route for the ASTER Friulian Tourist Riviera

This projected entailed the creation of a series of cycling routes for tourists within the area in order to develop the so-called Tourist Riviera of Friuli as part of the ASTER programme (‘Ambito per lo Sviluppo Territoriale’, or ‘Territorial Development Programme’). This area includes the municipalities of Rivignano-Teor, Pocenia, Latisana, Ronchis, Palazzolo dello Stella, Muzzana del Turgnano, Precenicco, Carlino, Marano Lagunare and Lignano Sabbiadoro. The new system of cycle routes extends for a total of 25km across multiple municipalities in a capillary-like network, coinciding with established cycle routes of a larger scale – in particular, the FVG 2 and FVG 6 regional routes, the BicItalia 6 route and the Mediterranean Route 8. The aim of the project was to create a cycle park (for which the Asterbike brand and logo were created) to enhance the area around the river Stella, the Tagliamento beaches, the observation oases along the Marano lagoon, and around the woods, rural villages, rural buildings, and archaeological sites of the area – valuable elements within the local landscape that are not well-known among national and international tourists. The cycle park is partially fed by various existing routes and systems (both paved roads and unsealed roads) that are organised and signposted, and capable of linking up with more regional and local elements. The project also entailed the construction of new connecting cycle routes and new cycle paths in the most important locations within the local environment and landscapes. From an economic and architectural point of view, the most significant aspect of the project is the new bridge across the river Stella. The project also entailed adaptations to rural roads and existing routes around the lagoon, the local forests and local rivers.