First functional stage of Novello Park in Cesena

The Novello Park project entailed the construction of 342 new social housing dwellings and a linear park, set within a vast area towards the north of Cesena’s train station. Of these 342 dwellings, 190 were intended to be leased (with a duration of 10-15 years), 125 were sold at a fixed price (1,690-1,830 €/m²) and 27 were designated as ‘rent to buy’ for 8 years. The preliminary project was drafted by Simona Gabrielli from studio GAP Associati and by Andreas Kipar from the studio LAND, following adjudication of an international design competition. Subsequently, under the coordination of Jacobs Italy, together with the studios GAP, LAND and Sogen, Sinergo oversaw the final and working project for the systems-related side of the project. The site in question, with a total area of approximately 35,000m², is located to the north-east of the railway station, just before Via Montecatini. A design for the green space and other open spaces, which aimed to integrate the new park into its surroundings, was drawn up within this area, which is essentially vacant and free of trees or other elements. A particularly unique element of the project is the crossing facility for cyclists and pedestrians, which enhanced the accessibility of the development area and, simultaneously, created an urban green route that links up with the urban centre. To ensure that cycle paths are not merely thoroughfares, the design features a continuous succession of changes of direction, creating small meeting spaces.

The systems design was entirely developed using BIM.