New carpark on Via Costa, Mestre

The plan for the new underground carpark on Via Costa formed part of a broad regeneration programme focusing on the centre of Mestre. This project, commissioned by AVM Spa, focused on the two roads of Via Costa and Via Ca’ Savorgnan – onto which the new carpark faces – as well as the nearby Via Mestrina. Together with the project for the redevelopment of the Altobello quarter, the reopening of the river Marzenego and the construction of the M9 museum on Via Poerio, as well as the creation of the tram line along Via Olvini, this project contributed to the transformation of the face of an important urban environment, located just a few hundred metres from the historic centre of Piazza Ferretto. With the new underground structure, the centre of Mestre now boasts 344 new car spaces spread across four underground levels.

For a detailed description of the project, visit the relevant ISSUU page.