Two temporary units for the schools of L'Aquila

The project sits within the context of the reconstruction works carried out following the earthquake that struck L’Aquila in April 2009. At the end of June, thanks to a preliminary plan drafted by the architectural studio Corvino+Multari, the construction company Steda won the contract competition for lots 10 and 20 of the MUSPs (‘moduli ad uso scolastico provvisorio’, or ‘units for temporary scholastic use’). The two buildings were intended to temporarily host pupils from the primary schools of L’Aquila. As the start of works was scheduled for mid-August and the project had to be delivered in time for the start of the school year, the timeframes for the project were extremely tight. Over the course of two weeks, Sinergo created the working plan for the two buildings’ structures, thermotechnical systems and electrical systems, interior finishings, connections to various networks, and external layouts. The two schools, each with two floors, were constructed as modular structures in steel, clad entirely in precast slatted panels. As well as redrafting the plan for the safety of the construction site, Sinergo collaborated with the company during the whole of the construction project’s execution phase.