A 1.7 MW hydropower plant in the province of Asti

This project, commissioned by Elettrostudio through the subsidiary COMER Srl, resulted in the construction of a run-of-the-river hydropower plant on the river Tanaro, near to Castello d’Annone. The plant consists of a crosspiece that can be lowered and is supported by an inflatable tube, a centre located on the flood plain, a feeder canal and a drainage canal. The plant’s energy yield is guaranteed by 2 Kaplan turbines, each of which has an electrical rated output of approximately 850kW (1,700kW installed electrical power). Thanks to a water drop fall of about 3.2m and a considerable mean flow rate, the plant reaches high levels of energy production. The electrical energy generated by the plant is completely transferred to the national electrical network via a medium voltage connection. Sinergo Spa oversaw the operations carried out by general contractors, project management activities, the structural development of the project, the management of works and commissioning for the launch.

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