5 monumental fountains in Marco Polo Airport, Venice

This plan for 5 monumental fountains formed part of the recent expansion of the Venetian airport – the so-called TL1 project designed by One Works. This entailed the construction of a new longitudinal structure that integrated the spaces of the air terminal and fills the space that originally separated it from the access road with open courtyards. The TL1 project thus created two new arrivals and departures halls, on the ground floor and first floor respectively. Within these halls there are 5 fountains: 4 on the ground floor and 1 on the first floor. The working plan for the construction of these fountains was developed by Sinergo. The 4 fountains located on the ground floor are arranged symmetrically in pairs in the arrivals hall, just before the wall that forms the boundary of the eastern longitudinal side. 2 of the fountains are type A fountains, consisting of a wall veiled in water, and 2 are type B, featuring a horizontal surface in dark stone, over which a veil of water flows. On the first floor, a fifth monumental fountain (type C) was constructed, consisting of a wall that is 5 metres high and 24 metres wide. This was installed in the centre of the arrivals hall, within the niche of a brick wall. The fountain itself consists of a panel in dark marble with a length of 17.5 metres, featuring horizontal incisions cut into the stone with a raw-look edge, creating a striped effect with a saw-tooth profile when viewed from the side. A fine veil of water flows against this surface. With the same dark stone, two ventilation grilles were inserted into the side panels, which serve the systems of the new building.