Redevelopment of the area of the former Centrale del Latte in Vicenza

This project, financed by the ‘Bando Periferie’ (a call for investment to fund projects focusing on the outskirts of Italian cities) established by the 2016 Stability Law, sits within the context of the Municipality of Vicenza’s wider ‘Free Urban Energy’ programme. The project entailed the redevelopment of the area occupied by the former Centrale del Latte (Municipal Dairy), which is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic centre, in the San Bortolo quarter, through the conversion of the historic listed building in the civic centre and the creation of a new urban park. The architectural plan, managed by Studio Macola, aimed to rid the central structure of the excrescences that were added during the second half of the twentieth century. The building, which spreads across three floors above ground in addition to an underground storey, houses a bar, spaces for the associations, teaching spaces and a small auditorium. The landscape design, managed by Stradivarie Architetti Associati, introduced two new cycling routes that cross the area, linking the impressive base of the centre with the new urban park. The evolution of the design outline was discussed with the office for urban sustainability and planning in the Municipality of Vicenza, during a series of meetings with the associations and inhabitants of the San Bortolo quarter.

The complex structural plan for the adaptation of the listed building was agreed with the relevant Superintendence.