New DHL gateway for Milan Malpensa Airport

As with the gateway in Venice, the structural and systems-orientated plan for this project was developed by Sinergo during the preliminary and working phase, based on an architectural outline conceived by Progetto CMR. Occupying a plot of 46,000m², the building represents a highly significant centre from the point of view of import from/export to the major European hubs. The building has a layout area of 18,000m² consisting of 3 macro areas: 1. a main warehouse, known as the ‘Core Body’, with a height of 15m and a shed-style roof with wing-shaped tiles; 2. a two-storey space known as the ‘Finger’, whose ground floor features a sorting system and whose first floor hosts the ‘Bonded’ area. The Bonded floor boasts high-performance features both in terms of distributed loads and in terms of peak loads; 3. A four-floor office building crowned with a steel and glass ‘Rooftop’ used for meetings and receptions. The structure is entirely prefabricated. The dimensions of the industrial flooring are designed to offer improved performance compared to the standards established in the 2008 Technical Regulations for Constructions. Indeed, this allows for the application of a live load of 5,000kg/m² and a point load of 160,000kg. All of this is complemented by maximum flexibility: the maximum load is possible at every point within the warehouse area. A high level of performance was also requested for the lighting system. In particular, advanced next-generation PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology was used. The project was developed entirely using BIM.