A university site in the former elementary school of Damiano Chiesa, in Rovereto

The former elementary school of Damiano Chiesa is located in the centre of Rovereto, and its construction dates back to the end of the 1800s. The building features an irregular shape, with a longer side of 61 metres and a shorter side of 17 metres. The building consists of several structures and spreads across two floors above ground, in addition to an underground floor and a roof space. The maximum area of a single floor is approximately 900m². As well as reconstructing the majority of the interior finishings, the operation planned by Sinergo also aimed to add/adapt new facilities, maintain the façades, doors, windows and shutters, and carry out a series of structural consolidation, substitution and adaptation works, designed to fulfil the minimum safety requirements stipulated by regulation concerning both the standard use of a school building as well as the ability of buildings to withstand earthquakes.