Redevelopment of a fort from the First World War in Cavallino Treporti

This plan, drafted by Sinergo in collaboration with the architect Andrea Simionato, focused on a building constructed in Cavallino Treporti between 1909 and 1912. The battery consisted of a single-storey central body with a length of more than 80m, built from reinforced concrete and with an extrados barrel vault, as well as two rangefinder turrets with a height of 11m and two lateral wings of 30m in length. Like the Amalfi battery, which was the subject of a project managed by Sinergo and Simionato, the Vettor Pisani battery represented one of the first structures built by the Italian military entirely in reinforced concrete. As well as entailing the conservation and restoration of the building, the project also developed a functional plan to allow activities and meetings linked to the subject of the Great War to be hosted within the building.

Link to a publication edited by Sinergo.